This project is supported by a Collaborative Research Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. We are exploring the webs of association between ideas, culture, social experience and urban geography in the age of decolonization in South Asia. Our project focuses on conducting oral histories with leading senior intellectuals of West Bengal and Bangladesh, born between c. 1920 and c. 1950. These figures stewarded academic institutions and helped create a new post-colonial regime of knowledge with implications for the intellectual history of South Asia.

Additionally, we are integrating these important historical records into a hypermedia web archive, using new visualization and search tools to make the oral histories readily accessible to the public.

This interactive web archive will provide audio, text, images and links through a synchronized interface. Geo-Information Systems (GIS) technology allows us to geo-locate places and concept terms in the interviews and connect these to historical maps, satellite imagery, digital photographs, and other resources through Mashups.